Church Community Builder Implementation Journal Part 5

I really should have included this earlier, but here you go:

We paid for data migration because we were merging several spreadsheets into the one software:

  • Current students

  • Graduates

  • Supporters

which makes a list of almost 1000 names.

We didn’t want to pay extra for ‘Groups’ migration, so what we did, in collaboration with the CCB team, was great a ‘custom drop down’ with various options:

‘Current Student’



‘Current Student/Supporter’

‘Current Student/Graduate’ (for staff who are graduates and who want to be on the current student mailing list)

‘Current Student/Graduate/Supporter’


Then we could very easily add people to these three separate groups by searching people by ‘Custom drop down 1’ and then bulk adding them to the relevant list.

Entire Church Group

One other small note: the CCB software comes with a few groups already set up. This is names ‘Entire Church’. However there will be people in your database who are not currently active members of your church - so you don’t want to send them bulk announcement messages.

What we did was rename ‘Entire Church Group’ as ‘Entire Databse’, to make it clear that this was really an administrative group, rather than an announcement group.

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