Being productive on planes Part 2

  1. Kindles are very light and effective ways to carry around a lot of reading material. I’ve never totally managed to embrace the eReader, but they’re worth a mention. Anyone want to go in to bat for the eReader?

  2. You can waste a lot of time and energy fussing about finding the perfect cheap fare. Meh. Just book em. It’ll all come out in the wash.

  3. Get frequent flier membership and book always with the same airline. It’ll pay off long term.

  4. Flight lounges. I so wish I could justify paying for membership. I’m hoping I’ll eventually fly enough to get the gold status. So nice. So much better than rotting in food courts and boarding gates when flights are delayed - or when you just want to get to the airport early to do some work.

  5. Get to the airport early. Don’t kill yourself with the stress of risking missing flights.

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