Mirrors 27th April 2013

  1. We’ve almost finished our 17 week series on Ecclesiastes at the Uni Fellowship. It’s been especially exciting to start to get my head around the second half of the book, that expands on the themes of wisdom, time, society and joy (click here to subscribe to our podcast).

  2. How the ‘viral’ Harlem Shake phenomenon was actually not really viral. At one point in this article it uses the promotions term ‘pre-viral’: how cynical but unsurprising. Thanks to Karl for the link.

  3. Thanks to Alan for this link to an article examining arguments against Gay Marriage based on the long-term and unanticipated social consequences of law changes.

  4. I don’t especially like the productivity tips in this article. They’re more clumsy bits and pieces rather than a real system. However I DO like the distinction between ‘List People’ and ‘Pile People’.

  5. Simone, in continuing to defend extroverts shares 4 myths about extroverts.

  6. Sometimes we don’t help someone because we can’t do much and we can’t solve the problem. Dave McDonald urges us to be bold with ‘little acts of kindness’:
    Sometimes people’s problems don’t go away. Bereavement and loss. Chronic pain or fatigue. Depression or anxiety. The serious illness, such as cancer. It may seem like there isn’t much we can do. But, let me encourage you to think again. Maybe there’s something you could offer that would just make things a little easier. In fact, it might make all the difference in the world. It could be as simple as popping over for a cup of tea. Maybe you could offer to read the Bible with them or pray for them. If you offer anything, please make sure you follow up on it. Little things show that you are still thinking of them. They indicate that you care. They demonstrate commitment. They’re not hard to do. Little acts of kindness can make a very big impact.


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