What do you use for ministry document sharing?

DropBox? GoogleDrive? Email to each other? Church server? Church admin and/or team leaders curate the master copies? Share with uploads on church website? A wiki? All of the above a bit?

In Vision 100, we have been using Subversion since 2005, something that programmers use to manager code and updating to the latest version. It has been a very powerful and effective way to share access to the latest version of all the church’s documents - procedures, branding, calendars, spreadsheets - while managing different permissions.

The problem with Subversion is that the programs that make it work (TortoiseSVN and svnX for Mac) are not very user-friendly. And set-up with Windows, from about Vista onwards, has all sorts of hurdles.

On one level it is good to not making something like this TOO user-friendly. Having seen various communal Drop Boxes from time-to-time it is a horrific. The illusion of user-friendliness tricks us into thinking that basic disciplines are not needed. So duplicate files, bad naming conventions… and probably plenty of dodgy permissions so people accidentally have access to private information is rife.

But we really do need a more user-friendly interface. A lower bar for entry.

What does your church use? And how do you overcome the data-storage cap?

You see, Drop Box is great, but once you are managing church dropbox, parachurch dropbox, personal dropbox… you cap out the free storage pretty quickly. Does the church then budget to pay for subscriptions?

Love to hear what youse all do.

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