Peers incorporated: model for organic corporations

Have you noticed I’ve been doing a bit of TED lately? TED talks always annoyed me because I always got links to videos and could never be bothered watching them. I’m not a visual learner, so the whole video thing irritates me.

But I knew there was good content there waiting for me. So I finally got around to subscribing to the TED podcast. Much better.

Anyways, this was fun:

I like how Robin Chase defines the important mix for these kinds of organic/viral corporations: you give power and freedom to the consumer, like in boutique contexts; yet you provide all the efficiencies of scale that a corporation can give.

And later on she acknowledges that creating the right platform for collaboration is a massive thing.

Often the mistake of those infatuated with user-driven technologies is that if the technology is easy to use, it will solve all the normal problems of having to organise (‘If we just have a Dropbox we won’t need filing conventions’, ‘if we just have a project management software we won’t need to oversee people’). By no means! creating, managing and leveraging technology requires skill, just like anything else.

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