Church Community Builder Implementation Journal Part 2

Ugh. The videos.

Anyways today I’ve done the basic settings stuff:

  1. I found their Systems Settings Workbook was all I needed to do the basic set up.

  2. I have questions now about exactly how to set up our various groups - and how to relate them to user information. I’m assuming that lots of our people WON’T log in and use drop down menus etc. So the key thing will be to set up stuff simply for staff and leaders.

  3. I have created a series of groups, for leadership teams, and faculty clusters, for our current students, our graduates, our supporters and our contact churches. I haven’t populated these yet.

  4. I have also created two custom People Fields: 1. Residence (choice of the residential colleges and private residence) 2. Faculties/Schools

  5. I have put the various UTAS campuses around Hobart under ‘Area of Town’ settings.

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