Mirrors 22nd March 2013

  1. Some advice on using social media in new churches - from Tim Cox who works with Redeemer City to City in NYC.

  2. Is evangelism central to the ethos of Sydney Anglicanism? Tony Payne reviews Michael Jensens book and provokes a flurry of comments. Some quick thoughts:

    • I am very much looking forward to reading the book. It sounds great and I think Tony conveys its strengths well.

    • I agree with many of the commenters who say that the particular style of the review that Tony adopted is both confusing and ill-advised.

    • It’s a shame Tony can’t allow the critique of isolationism to land at all. There is some truth to that as a ‘vibe’ and it feels defensive to not allow it at all.

    • It’s is also a shame that in the undercurrent of Diocesan politics many seem to be urging no place for motive-reading or wariness or suspicion at all. As if everyone could be, or should at least pretend to be, completely and entirely generous and open-minded. I just don’t think that’s how politics works - even church politics - and it doesn’t need to be a bad thing, simply a reality we seek to navigate with integrity.

  3. Simone has more thoughts on congregational singing. Including:

    • It is so much easier to get a congregation to sing heartily if the song is driven by it’s melody rather than by it’s chord progression. For this reason, hymn-like songs just work better for congregational singing than rock songs.

    • If I (a pianist) had to choose between a violin and a guitar, I’d take the violin. Guitar adds more complexity and, for a newby band, much more risk. I’d want bass and drums long before guitar.

  4. Dave McDonald review Malphurs and Mancini’s Building Leaders.

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