How to weigh down signs and flier holders in outdoor settings

In preparation for Societies Day, I was thinking through how to weigh down our slanted poster signs and flier holders - to stop them getting blown over by Tassie weather. I needed something small enough not to be noticed, but heavy enough to work.

Everything I could think of (weights from barbels or kitchen scales or rolls of coins) seemed like they’d cost a lot or be hard to find. I’m hopeless at DIY solution things. It makes me annoyed. Isn’t there someone I can pay to make this problem go away?

So I asked my friend Jake: Mssionary Kid who grew up climbing trees in the jungles of Indonesia and the Philippines. He’s good at this kind of problem solving. He’s the Wolf. Jake’s suggestion was cheap, easy and effective: snaplock bags filled with sand:


Also handy for throwing at monkeys or bird-eating spiders or missionary pilots if they come too close.

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