Where we have redistributed staff energy after closing lunchtime campus meetings

I blogged about this question a few months ago here.

Here’s a bit of an update. Since we shut down the lunchtime campus meetings halfway through Semester 2, there wasn’t heaps of time left to deal with for 2013. But we made plans with an eye to the future, as well.

Our main decisions was to re-deploy staff hours into visiting our small groups and provide encouraging, contact and coaching to our small group leaders. This is definitely an area that would benefit from more growth and encouragement.

In 2014 we will continue to run with this coaching program for our small groups, and we will also work really had at developing a couple of new structures we launched this year:

  1. Faculty-level clusters of small groups. These groups organised social events twice a semester this year. But in 2014 we would like these clusters to organise a range of social events, training events and evangelistic events across the year.

  2. ‘Christianity 1A’ - a new evangelistic course that works through the Sermon On The Mount. This year we had 27 students attend, including 8 non-Christians. God-willing we will be able to run this course at least once each semester in 2014, with similar or greater numbers.

And lastly, I would like us to develop some strategies to connect with a new clump of Christian students at the start of Semester 2, so that we are not relying simply upon a new clump of start-of-year contacts.

Preaching platforms in 2014

In 2014 our public preaching platforms will be:

  • Monthly at our Citywide Gatherings

  • Monthly at our student leadership breakfasts

  • 8 sermons at our Mid Year Conference

  • 3 sermons at our Pre-O-Week ‘Pre-Season Conference

  • 2 sermons at each of our mid-semester ‘Day Conference

  • 1 sermon at each of our student leaders vision days (start and end of the year)

  • Occasional sermons at various faculty-level events

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