About 10% of your church have the gift of evangelist

I found myself in the tea hall of a church building. So I browsed through the bookshelf of old, so-dated-they’re-almost-cool-again 1960s and 1970s book covers. The Cross and the Switchblade. How To Be Born Again. No Compromise. That kind of thing.

I skim-read a little book, I think by Peter Wagner, on church growth. He made observation that roughly 10% of any church has the gift of evangelism. Rather than trying to mobilise the entire church in evangelism, work hard at mobilising the full 10%.

Insofar as this is true, it demonstrates one of the problems with trying to make small groups (or cell groups or life groups or gospel communities) missional/evangelistic.

In a group of 8-12 you will be lucky to have ONE person with the gift of evangelism. And even if you do, you have to be confident that their particular gift suits the peculiar context and community of that small group.

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