Who's gonna donate us hundreds of drinks and pastries?

I'm gonna ask some businesses to donate us a 200 drinks and 200 pastries for Societies Day for O Week as Uni Fellowship of Christians begins for the year. Who do you reckon will do it?

Who do you reckon is the ideal? Who else should I ask?

Charlie's Juice - Problem with them is they're a New Zealand company.
Nudie Juice - Problem with them is they don't seem to have a distributor in Tassie anymore.
Cascade - Tassie company, but maybe they've already exhausted their sponsorships with alcoholic stuff.

Zum - Established business, perhaps keen to contribute to the community?
Jackman and McRoss - Don't know much about the business. But similar to Zum.
Jean-Pascal - one of their pastry chefs is a Christian, but the owner is French ;-)
La Torta 310 - New business, maybe can't afford it, maybe trying to make their mark?
Golden Tulip - Christian owners, but they are Dutch ;-)