God's glory as the primary thing?

Michael Bird has this to say in his review of Tom Schreiner's New Testament Theology (Themelios 34:1, emphasis mine):

The only major criticism I have of the volume is Schreiner's theological centre of God working out his salvation plan so that he would be magnified in Christ. First.... Schreiner's centre is a synthetic interpretation and an inference drawn from the texts, but does not directly manifest itself in the NT. Something akin to God's salvation revealed through Jesus Christ would have a better claim to being the centre in my reckoning.

Second... I think it is important to add that God's self-magnification relates intimately to God's love as well. For instance, in Ps 115:1... God's glory is something placed in service of his covenant love. God's love and glory are complementary aspects of his character and actions, so we can properly say that God's glory and God's love are different sides of the same coin... Thus, while God's self-magnification is a genuine biblical theme, we should stress also the inter-permeation of God's self-giving loving with Gd's concern for his own glory, and so disarm suspicions that God's self-magnification is a form od divine self-interest.
I think this is a helpful correction to the welcome emphasis on God's glory in John Piper's writing, for example.