The Way of the Master review Part I: Introduction

The Way of the Master, commended by the like of John MacArthur, Ravi Zacharias and Josh McDowell, has become a become a bit of a sensation around the world, including here in Tassie.

It is an evangelistic method, training course, website and video series by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (yes that Kirk Cameron).

Many keen young Christians love it, I think, for similar reasons that many love Driscoll:

  • Bold and upfront - appeals to zealous young men, calling on them to be brave;
  • Cuts through the gentle, and sometimes evasive, tendencies of postmodernism and political correctness;
  • Gives very practical ways for keen young Christians to get on and do stuff, without waiting for permission form someone else;
  • Advanced and prolific use of the internet.
The premise of the WOTM is the 'way' that Jesus ('the master') evangelised the Rich Young Ruler - he preached the law, before he preached grace.

The focus of the WOTM is building a lifestyle of cold contact/acquaintance evangelism. Drop tracts, talk to strangers, chat to people in shops.

The outlook is filled with the urgency that comes from dwelling on Hell, and the great need to tell everyone about the way of salvation.

The outline of the WOTM gospel presentation is as follows:
  • Would you consider yourself to be a good person?
  • Do you think you have kept the ten commandments? Proceed to use the deepening of the law as found in the Sermon on the Mount to drive it home. After a person has admitted to breaking a commandment, for example 'Do not give false testimony', ask them what that makes them , ie 'A liar'. In the end they admit to being a lying, murdering, adulterer.
  • If God judges you by these, will you be innoncent or guilty?
  • What would your destiny be - heaven or hell?