Review of "Deliberate Simplicity"


Sounds like the book has interesting ideas:

1. "Churches should focus on a few important things and do them well. This does not necessarily mean focusing on excellence ('Good enough is called good enough because it's good enough' 57).... We keep asking, "What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?"  We try to have just enough to facilitate our mission.  Just enough money, Just enough time.  Just enough leaders.  Just enough space.  Just enough advertising."

A cool comment. Although I think that there are two, competing proverbs that need to be weighed: "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing badly" and "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well."

I don't think the ideal of simplicity is always right. It misses the point of momentum, I reckon.

2. "Multility" = "keeping it cellular."

Yeah... but I reckon that the big gatherings add energy and momentum to the multiple cells.

3. "These churches are similar to terror cells (he calls them 'unterror cells') as they can be reproduced, they have uncomplicated aims, they are trend setters. A strategy for doing this is to focus on multiplying leaders (188-195).".

I really dislike comparisons to terrorist cells, no matter how skillful these cells may be. It is in bad taste, I reckon.