The 11th hour fuss: delegation master class

Something inexperienced (or overworked or undermotivated) leaders haven't yet mastered is the 11th hour fuss. It's not to be confused with micromanaging... even though on the surface it looks quite similar.

The 11th hour fuss, is when you check in with someone you lead, or have delegated to, and check in on a few things, particularly:

  • things that you suspect they might have forgotten, knowing them, or knowing that certain changes might have been forgotten,
  • things that are safety or mission-critical,
  • things that are important to you (in approach or style or whatever)
  • spiritual, moral and emotional morale boosting.

The inexperienced (or overworked or undermotivated) leader might not do this because:

  • they've heard micromanaging is bad and they want to be empowering, releasing leaders;
  • because they gave the guidelines and did good delegation and the person is capable... they assume that the person is all over it and don't want to patronise them;
  • they have delegated and dumped... and no longer care or own the project in detail.

But experienced leaders know and care about how everything works... and about the people who do the things. And the experienced leader knows that people are people: they forget things, glaze over things, don't care about the things you care about etc. They know individuals, and can sometimes even guess the kinds of details that different people will forget, or particular kinds of encouragement they will need.

So just at the last minute:

  • "Remember the big goal is to get contact details!"
  • "Don't forget to smile and make eye contact"
  • "Remember: we are using the eForm now"
  • "If it gets windy, pack down the standing banner... and don't move the table with the glass jars and iPads still on top"

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