Preaching advice: must a sermon be polished?

There's a stream of oratory that's polished and measure and crafted and delivered to the second. This is the kind of thing I guess TV hosts and national leaders have to speak to, to make sure they say the right thing, in the time allotted.

We can learn a lot from those who craft speeches in this way. And some preaches are naturally inclined to a style that could be prepared the same way.

But there's also a stream of oratory that's raw. The speaker works off notes, ad libs, expands on thoughts in a freeform manner. Some standup comics and public lectures fit into this category.

And you know what? There are strengths to this approach too. And some preachers wll be more comfortable in this style.

A minor point, really. But worth putting into the same category as the endless debates about how long a sermon should go for, as if there is a 'right answer' out there. 

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