Radio advertising is a cheapish option… does it work?

The Uni Fellowship of Christians (UTAS), were successful with a $20 000 grant application, to experiment with a whole bunch of O Week ideas to, God-willing, boost our impact during O Week significantly. With this money we are trialling a whole range of things we normally don't do, because we haven't had the time, money or energy, to see which things help and which things are a waste of time and money.

One of the things we are trying out is radio advertising. We are going to have an advert on the community radio station which broadcasts out of UTAS, and on the local Christian radio station.

For around $500 per station we get

  • a 30 second ad produced for us — we provide copy they do the rest
  • a week of radio play
  • 3 times a day

Not bad eh? 

Now I have no idea how many of our target people actually actually listen to these stations... nor how effective this kind of promotion will be in raising awareness. But I'm keen to give it a shot. 

And if it has some kind of effect, we'll add it to our regular suite of promotions.

Here's the advert that Edge Radio produced for us.

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