Preaching applications: who are you preaching to?

It seems that we preachers get stuck in a rut of only preaching to a few archetypes. We have particular sins, personality types, or caricatures that we return to again and again in application. Not only is this unfair on people who loosely fit this mould, but it is also failing to apply the gospel to many others.

Here are some of the different 'Mr Men' and 'Little Miss' characters you might address in your application:

  • Little Anxious

  • Mister Spirituall Dry

  • Mister Up-Himself

  • Little Miss Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl

  • Mister Hyper-Zealous

  • Little Miss Flippant

  • Mister Complacent

  • Little Miss Discouraged

  • Mister Idealist

  • Little Miss Conservative

  • Mister Pragmatic Non-Intellectual

  • Little Miss Angry

  • Mister Worldly

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