Emotional ‘sins’ of highly driven people

I see these in my own life, and as a parent, I see them in (some) of my kids:

  1. Resenting and resisting your human frailty: sickness or tiredness. Fighting against them and becoming depressed when they fail you.

  2. Inability to express personal preferences (what others might called ‘needs’) when it comes to matters of human frailty.

  3. Taking yourself too seriously.

  4. Dwelling on failure and criticism. Focusing on failures in something that is generally successful.

  5. If something throws you off, your whole day feels ruined. If a day gets written off, the whole week feels ruined.

  6. Always going fast, always doing several things at once, always ‘on’ socially, always getting things done now so they don’t need to be done later.

  7. Inability to see seasonal ebbs and flows in life: living in a constant now.

  8. Frustration, anger, or lack of motivation or joy with things you are not really good at.

  9. Frustration, anger, or lack of motivation or joy with things you don’t have clear instructions for.

  10. Impatience, or demonising, or criticising those who don’t function in the same way or at the same pace.

  11. Reluctance to submit to the leader or plan of someone who seems less competent than you.

  12. Paralysis and sulking when you can’t see how to do something well.

  13. Reluctance to ask for help, ask for mercy or ask for advice.

  14. Expect more of yourself than you would ever expect of others.

  15. Shouldering the responsibility for everything.

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