Ways cinemas are like churches

  1. Sitting in auditoriums that used to be full with hardly any people in them.

  2. Branding and public presence that suited a bygone era.

  3. Feel tired and sad.

  4. Too many long and irrelevant ads/announcements.

  5. Poor welcoming experience.

  6. Poor food experience.

  7. Sometimes look to faddish things (3D), to bring revival.

  8. Charge us too much for things as lousy ways of getting income (paying for sermons? paying for popcorn?)

  9. Make you feel they’re just after your money.

  10. Put little thought into how to enhance the experience of being a member of their community/loyalty club.

  11. The ones who are doing it well are adjusting how they use their space in more cultural appropriate ways.

  12. Many have foyers/social spaces tailored to daggy 90’s youth culture.

  13. Seem to have pointless rules.

  14. Don’t have a lot of love put into their venues.

  15. Are best when you go out for food with friends before or after.

  16. Are best when you talk thoughtfully about afterwards.

  17. Could provide more avenues for social interaction and engagement, rather than passive reception.

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