Pros and cons of campus based theological education

At a church planting conference here in Hobart in early February, Bill Bosker a pastor of Kingston Christian Reformed Church and amember of the CRCA Theological College Committee, shared some thoughts:


  • Efficient form of knowledge transfer.
  • Good context for indepth focus, especially for history, systematics and language study.
  • Reminder that we need pastors who think theologically about their ministry.
  • An aid for wider denominational cohesion.
  • A good context for mentoring.
  • Exposure to different models of ministry.
  • Someone may do well in at theological college but be lousy at ministry.
  • There is not a strong practical element to theological study.
  • We remove students from local church ministry for years.
  • It is expensive.
  • It can easily be driven by accreditation requirements.