Uni Ministries and Uni Churches

I think a Christian Union will go particularly well if there were one or more church that was strongly committed to its ministry. These churches could be called 'uni churches'. These churches will in turn have a symbiotic relationship with the CU.

These churches don't need to be exclusively focused on uni students, I am not advocating homogenous churches. But these 'uni churches' have a very deliberate interest in and concern for university ministry, among other potential ministry concerns.

It's not enough to give lip-service to supporting uni ministry. Little things make a difference. A 'uni church' will be shaped by the uni calendar, not just by the school-term calendar. A uni church will pay a lot of attention to issues relevant to students and will deliberately pray for the CU student committee, missions and other things.

A strong CU doesn't remove the need for strong 'uni churches'. The two need to be working together to make the most of this important mission field.