Preaching to Emos

I read a kind of annoying blogsphere debate about whether or not emo teenagers need you to preach about judgement or mercy and it seemed that the answer was 'both'.

When youth workers want to youth culture they are often thinking theologically: what are the ethical and philosophical commitments of this youth culture and how can we critique them?

But I'm increasingly thinking the first response should be a version of the good ol': 'Oh, look! Christians can be cool too... see?'

In the first place, though many youth subcultures don't adopt views because they have been persuaded about the truth of philosophical propositions. And on a conscious level, youth subcultures often won't realise or admit the emotional and social factors that drive their choices. But they are aware of the aesthetic appeal of the subculture. It just looks better, feels better. The subculture seems to be a more real and more authentic expression of the world they live in. More than that, it just looks beautiful, exciting, interesting, compelling: it's pretty.

Christianity, by comparison, looks fake, two-dimensional, dull and ugly.

How exactly you do this 'Oh, Christians can be cool too' thing well? That (like the Bengal tiger)  is another story altogether. Readers: any suggestions?