Volume 9 Number 6

Some interesting bits from Leroy Eims' groovy little book 'The Lost Art of Disciple Making':

  1. I was in the middle of an organse farm, but the diner couldn't make me organge juice because their juicer was broken. Their problem wasn't lack of juice. It was over-dependence on a machine. In the same way many Christians rely too much on the Sunday sermon. They may be surrounded by Bibles, but don't know how to get sustenance out of them. they are like babies in a pantry of canned goods.
  2. Is the reason for the 'socialism' at the end of Acts 2 because the disciples had decided to stay on longer than anticipated in Jerusalem because of they were converted and wanted to be discipled?
  3. Is the reason that only the apostles stayed in Jerusalem after the persecution of Acts 8, becuase they enjoyed the asylum of Gamaliel?
  4. Would you rather have 100 people in your church who are 90% committed or 10 people who are 100% committed?
  5. Steps in discipleship: a) Motivation to grow b) Growth in personal devotion c) Willingness to witness.