Volume 6 Number 5

"Hi Mikey,
I have just got a few reflections I thought I might share with you which have come from my ringing around the churches for MTS Challenge Conference expereince. I am sure these would not apply to crossroads, but I thought they were 'things that we shouldn't let slip'. Bear in mind that these come from a Christian trying to contact other Christians - how much more should the following be the case if we are to win outsiders:
1. Ensure that the church is in the phone book, and preferably on the net too. The web page should have a phone contact that meet the below, and should give the pastors name, the street address, and time of meetings.
2. Ensure that the phone number given does not lead to an answering service. If there is a church office phone it should be diverted when not staffed. A mobile number may be preferable.
3. The pastor should not be (in my opinion) the hardest person in the church to contact. If he is so tied up with church responsibilites that he cannot speak to outsiders, then he is too busy 'waiting on tables' and should delegate.
4. Contacting a church (office, postor whatever) should be a friendly experience. Outsiders contacting a church should not be treated with an undue level of suspicion. Perhaps we could learn from worldly businesses in this regard which seem know how to be polite to customers.
5. Perhaps one of the reasons communitee awareness of the Anglicans & Salvos is so good is partly because they are very contactable.
(this is partly me just wanting to vent my frustration... ;o)