Volume 6 Number 2: Churching planting in the 90s Part IV

(Cont'd from previous)

Option C: The 'Post-Christendom model' (briong the church into the marketplace. Don't put the focus on the public meeting)

-Maximum time is spent on missionary activity and community
-Whole nature of the church is built around Christian lifestyle, rather than meetings and programs
-Can fly under the radar of church tourists
-The mission field can shape the forms church takes, rather than forcing converts to adjust to church forms.

-It is a very slow process
-There are very few existing maps or models. Maybe there can't be, because it differs so much according to the situation.
-It's hard to get a team that's really on-side.
-It's hard to cater for young families.

-Be a very good team player
-Have a strong missiology: know how to translate the gospel and church into the culture you are in.
-Be mindful of ways that you can bless the culture you are trying to reach.