Jolly reminisces on church training

We called it Fightclub. We used to do it every Sunday afternoon, except for the last Sunday of the month, from February to November. The first week of the month was a lecture/sermon, followed up a variety of seminars. Each month was devoted to one of the MTS training strands - evangelism, thinking theologically and so on.

We used to write our own material. All the elders and several other men and women in the church. We covered a vast number of topics, generally running up to three seminars on the one afternoon. Most of us were about 22 years old.

It was overkill and it began to exhaust the entire church. We shut it down at the end of 2005, after running it in one form or another since 2000.

It was overkill, but, as Jolly recalls, it has an immense amount of value. In fact that value was not only for those who attended, but also for those who researched, wrote and taught the material.