Big news: no Oz29; no Driscoll

I'm sorry to report that we've decided to pull the plug on the original plan for a network-of-networks with Guy, Steve, Al, Andrew and myself. As a result, Driscoll has decided not to come back to Australia at the end of this year.

Al Stewart writes:

We've decided that Our coalition of 5 isnt' going ahead at the level of one organisation. We've decided we won't try to run one legal entity holding all this together as the network of networks is too complicated, we'll get on with it, and cooperate as we can at an informal level. We plan to keep each other in the loop and work cooperatively where ever we  are able. With regard to Mark Driscoll not coming, I think we can just say it's not possible at the end of this year, we hope sometime in the future to invite him again.
This was not a personally negative, political or theological decision. It was a practical matter. We were not convinced that a national organisation, especially organised for a December 09 deadline, would be a wise move in the long-term.

Each of us will continue to work at promoting church planting in our various networks and States with the Sydney Anglicans, RICE, Vision 100 and a new initiative in Melbourne.

Stay tuned for more news about what will unfold. Stay tuned for possible plans for Driscoll to visit in 2010. Stay tuned (no doubt) for the possibility of Driscoll exploring options for an Acts 29 Australia or even a Mars Hill Australia campus.

Please pray for each of us that we can have a clear view of what's the best next move. And please pray for Australia. An explosion of church planting in Australia is not contingent on a national network nor on Driscoll. Rather it's contingent on God choosing to bless the people who are getting on with it, whether Christ Church St Ives, Docklands Melbourne, Kingston Reformed Church Tasmania etc ....