Mirrors 29th May 2015

  1. Thom Rainer gives 15 ways to take care of guest speakers.
  2. For an odd detour, you might like to read Kevin de Young's review of 'Deviant Calvinism'.
  3. Patterns among fallen pastors: no personal accountability, ceased personal devotions, spending time with another woman (often in counselling situations), thought 'it would never happen to me'.
  4. Is it a bad idea to turn out the lights during communal singing? This article does a good job of listing good and bad things about having the lights off for communal singing. This really is a grey area of theological practicalities, so we must beware of reaching a particualr conclusion about it and then being dogmatic. Personally, I think there is a happy middle ground - lights being significantly dimmed, without being all-black.
  5. Why do women cry more than men? Is it just sociological? Or biological?
  6. John Dickson gives some thoughts on how a Christian should approach voting.
  7. Is it possible to home school if you have a chronic illness? Christina shares her experience in a beautiful post.

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