Guest blogger: the philosophy of ministry of FOCUS at UTAS - vision and mission

Thanks to my colleague and friend Luke Hansard for writing some articles for Christian Reflections. Luke will be talking about his ministry at FOCUS UTAS:

At a time when many people are concerned about the changing nature of university of life with students spending very little time on campus, doing external studies and working part time jobs. International student workers such as myself experience no such worry. We busy ourselves making the most of this strange and wonderful season of life where the nations come to us. I don’t know how long its going to last for; I can imagine waking up one morning and getting a text from a mate who is actually on top of current events saying ‘Man, what will this do to your international student ministry?’ and my googling whatever’s gone on and finding that its all over; the students won’t be coming (or wont be coming much) to Tasmania anymore. But that day is not today and so while this strange phenomenon is occurring I want to make the most of it.

We have about 3 years to make contact with International students through our fliering at uni. Then we get them to Friday Night FOCUS. We help them to realise they’re now free of their childhood, culture and country and so should be asking big questions and thinking big thoughts; who is God? how can I know? who is this Jesus that 1/3 of the world say they follow?

At FOCUS UTAS we want to get as many non Christian International students into our big Friday night meeting as possible. So we offer:

  • Fun: through games and discussion time.
  • Food: always nutritious and sometimes delicious (cooked by FOCUS supporters).
  • Friendship: formed as we enjoy the above.

However, we explain that as great great as these things are the best thing FOCUS offers is Teaching from the Bible; a way to know God and a way to be friends with God through Jesus.


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