Mirrors 3rd January 2014

  1. A thoughtful Christian review of the theories of life, media and society evoked by the recent Hunger Games film.

  2. I personally like Love Actually, but I agree with this article that it is hardly a ‘romantic’ comedy.

  3. We don’t let our daughter have Barbie dolls. But maybe we would if she had the body measurements of a real woman, as these remakes demonstrate.

  4. Kevin de Young gives us a history lesson on Saint Nicholas and how we became Santa Claus.

  5. Mike Jolly gives some advice on using Facebook, including:
    It’s also important to reflect on the experience to see if it’s even something you enjoy. Many people find Facebook depressing, boring and upsetting. It’s important to bear this in mind before signing up.

  6. The Briefing has linked to some helpful articles about gay marriage. Getting the government to ‘stop interfering in people’s private lives’ sometimes leads to a greater degree of interference down the track.

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