Mirrors 20th December 2013

  1. Some people are poisonous, some people are venomous. Both are danger, but each are different.

  2. I love Challies’ mooshy posts about his wife. 18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Wife (and also 18 Things… My Kids)

  3. Stu gives us some language for talking about different kinds of preaching gifts, without implying one kind of preacher is ‘better’ than another: convention preacher vs congregation preacher.

  4. Dave Moore rightly disagrees that gospel workers must have secular work experience to be good ministers.

  5. Haha: one more Challies gooey post about his wife. This one is lovely - “She strengthens me”.

  6. Are you able to contribute a small amount to our mission work on campus at UTAS? We are currently running a fundraising drive.

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