Church Community Builder Implementation Journal Part 8: Implementation pace

It is important to come up with some kind of basic roll-out plan, for something like this. And better to do it slower and steadier than you think. People feel unsettled by fast new changes: give them time to get used to it. There will inevitably be bugs, so better to fix them with a smaller group of people affected. After you’ve spent ages getting your head around the software, the different features are all obvious, but it is too confusing to give them all at once to someone cold.

I recommend planning a communication schedule, where you will talk about the introduction of the Church Community Builder, why you are introducing it, how you are introducing it and so on. This should be done through emails, announcements and even in leadership meetings.

And then gradually roll it out, talking about what you are going to do, before you do it, step by step by step. Baby steps like:

  1. Get leaders to log in and update a photo and adjust their privacy and communication settings: 2-3 weeks

  2. Start using it for broadcast emails: 2-3 weeks

It might seem annoyingly slow. But each step will be more fully understood, more widely adopted and more effectively implemented.

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