Baz Lurhmann on Great Gatsby, materialism and meaning

I love the book and I’m a believer in the movie. Nikki and I are going to see it on Saturday.

I reckon Baz is a great director. I really loved Strictly Ballroom and Romeo + Juliet. And Moulin Rouge was an ordinary film with some great songs and visuals. Australia. Well. Let’s pretend that never happened. But I reckon Gatsby will be great. It give me heart that David Stratton liked it. I’m more of a David man than a Margaret man.

I heard this fairly brief interview with Baz on Triple J yesterday. I love his voice and his humour and manner. Good times. The interview itself it typical Triple J fluff. But this quote at the end is brilliant:

It speaks about who we are where we are.


Is there a lot of razzle dazzle that be people go on? Yes.

Are there parties? Fantastic.

Can you dress up? Go for it.

But at the end there’s a contemplation. There are basically four characters in a room, five characters in a room, saying ‘But you love him?’ and it ends with a devastated young man going: ‘Materialism cannot be the focus of your life. It might be nice to have a good suit and go to a great party, drink a few cocktails… but you gotta have a purpose and you’ve gotta have a cause. And that’s what he learns from Jay Gatsby: have a point to your life.

(listen here from 11:56-12:39)

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