Mirrors 11th May 2013

  1. The Briefing’s latest critique of Hillsong Conference. Note the positive observations of the workshops:
    Off that main platform, however, my constant impression was that everyone involved was keen to be shaped by how God has revealed himself in his word, and to align their ministry and understanding of church to that. For sure, they came up with conclusions that at times I disagreed with, but the principle of carefully reading Scripture and forming how you act on that foundation was both clearly in place, and widespread.

    I was surprised at home positive they were about the lyrics of ‘Beneath The Waters’ and other such songs. I was disappointed with how ordinary the lyrics of these songs are. They have a lot more atonement terminology, but it seems sort of jumbled together, like it’s been pulled out of a scrabble bag (This is my revelation, Christ Jesus crucified, Salvation through repentance At the cross on which He died[?! What does this even mean?])... but good that they are seeing the good and acknowledging it, even while giving a pretty harsh critique!

  2. A cute little image from Challies about why he always turns around to look at the groom’s face when a bride walks into the church building:
    Now here’s the tip: When those doors open, steal a quick glance at the groom. I know the bride is the star of the show and you don’t want to miss her, but it’s okay to look to the front of the church for just a moment. The more I read and understand Ephesians 5:22-33 and the more I come to grasp the deepest meaning of marriage, the more I find myself not wanting to miss what happens at the front of the room. Because in that moment the groom is just a small picture, a dim reflection, of the love Jesus Christ has for his bride, the church. There is nothing quite like the expression on a groom’s face when his bride appears before him. There is joy there. There is delight and desire and such love. There is the knowledge that his longing for a bride is being fulfilled and that she will soon be his, that in just moments they will be united together forever.

  3. A silly-but-cool AFES fundraising drive. Fundraising drives are good gimmicks, but must never be the heart of our fundraising strategies in gospel ministry. Because we are not FUNDRAISING, we are not MERCHANDISING, we are raising up GOSPEL PARTNERS. However, as one minor strategy amongst many, things like this can be great - and a fun entry point for genuine gospel partnerships.

  4. A great new MTS blog post about adjusting to ministry as work.

  5. Joe shares the speech Tasmanian MP Jacqui Petrusma gave for why she opposed the recent abortion bill.

  6. Dove has recently done some excellent commercials. It’s quite touching to see these women realise that others see them as much more beautiful than they see themselves… and that the perception of others are more accurate! The three minute version The six minute version

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