Ministry work hours 1: 70 hours a week? REALLY?

Every now and then some busy person talks about their 70 or even 80 hour weeks. REALLY?

  1. Have you actually done the maths on that? Are you sure that’s right? That’s twelve hours a day SIX DAYS A WEEK? Sure maybe in busy seasons, but all the time? #notsosure

  2. And even if you did, how efficient and effective are you really being? I can’t imagine your productivity and clarity of thought (or godliness of relating to others) is going to be as good at hour 58…?

  3. How much kinda-work stuff gets shovelled into this? Travel? Blobbing around the office? Going to things you probably don’t need to be at and staying longer than you probably need to?

  4. Is number of hours worked even the best measure of ministry? Even of diligent ministry? It is, after all possible to work hard because you are working dumb.

  5. What does sustained 70 hour a week work habits do to your mental, physical and family health?

  6. What does talking about a 70 hour a week work do to the confidence of those who can’t sustain it? Is talking about these kind of work hours like Paul talking about his visions in the third heaven?

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