We’re doing quarterly staff planning days this year

The first one is today. It’s a 9-5 affair with lunch together (I’m wanting it to be noodles in boxes. I love the look of it when lawyers in movies eat that while working on an impossible case late at night… or when a single mum has just moved into a new house and is sitting amongst removalist boxes. Noodles in boxes.)

We’re starting these because this year the Uni Fellowship of Christians staff team will be 4 senior staff (including myself) and I really want us to enjoy the freedom and ownership of our various roles, while still functioning together as a team - where we build something in cooperation together, rather than just go off with our different busy work.

The first one or two I have prepared to be more me talking and taking questions… just to give the staff time to get a hang of their roles and our ministry philosophy. The topics we will be covering are:

  • Sermon first up

  • Ministry philosophy of ministry, ‘plumblines’ and goals

  • Ministry teams and year calendar.

  • Practical training and discussion on different levels of leadership.

But as the year goes on, I hope the last two will be much more vigorous, with each person bringing contributions and thrashing it out together.

At first we will meet at our headquarters, but I hope for at least two of the planning days to be ‘off-site’. Perhaps at a close-to-Hobart beach house or even just another board room in the city. Something about a change of scenery will be good for us.

I’ll let you know how we get on!

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