Mirrors 8th February 2013

  1. I agree with R. C. Sproul Junior on boycotting businesses. He points out how close the moral-boycott is to the eating food sacrificed to idols issue.

  2. Ed Welch shares his growing appreciation of what heaven will be like over his lifetime and how that he has been blessed by it.

  3. Statistics make my brain bleed. They bore me and I have an unshakeable conviction that I’m not trained enough in understand statistics to interpret them anyway. But I have had this starred in my Google Reader for a while because I feel I ought to share it for one of you out there who likes the idea. Steve Kruyger links to a new ABS site that gives you quick stats on your suburb..Meh.

  4. I stumbled on this link via someone’s Google+. It’s a critique of the limitations of Getting Things Done: GTD is great for getting lots of bits and pieces done, but a separate model, ‘Deep Work’ is needed for more concentration-intensive stuff. I think it’s mainly wrong. But I like the framework of ‘Deep’ Work’. I’ve decided to give G+ a go for a while.

  5. Tim Challies ponders whether it’s really true to say ‘My wife’s job is harder than mine’... or the reverse:
    Aileen and I went out for lunch and I told her, “I don’t think your job is harder than mine.” I didn’t mean this as a judgment of how she goes about her responsibilities. I simply meant that in a subjective sense I don’t feel like it’s a true statement or one I could say with real conviction. She replied, “Do you think your job is harder than mine?” I don’t feel like that is true either. And as we talked I found myself expressing something like this: Our roles are so different, so complementary, that any kind of comparison is unhelpful. It doesn’t matter whose job is more difficult; what matters is that we each fulfill our role, our calling, with joy and with skill.

  6. Dave McDonald reflects on being a senior minister and being an assistant minister:
    in order to be good leaders, we must first be good followers. In fact, I would say if we can’t follow, then we must not lead. Good leadership is not about getting our own way or the wielding of power over others. It’s about service and giving our lives for the benefit of others.

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