Mounce blogs about the ESV vs TNIV


Personally, I'm much more of an NIV guy and I don't like NIV dissing much - or TNIV dissing for that matter. The vast majority of 'bad translation' in the NIV doesn't even need to be commented on in a sermon, you can just paraphrase as you explain. When you do need to 'correct it', you should be brief and very courteous (let's not forget that a international team of experts created the NIV!).

I have a lot of sympathy for a decent amount of the gender-neutral translation, although the TNIV does go too far and make Hebrews 2, for example, kind of meaningless. Still, I agree with Mounce that assuming gender-neutral stuff always involved feminism is mean-spirited.

I've looked at the Holman a bit and quite like it. But still don't feel too bothered with the NIV, actually.

H/T Alan