Hating on Logos (and all Bible software really)

I've been using Logos for the last six months and I've found it kind of crappy.

Besides, I'm not particularly convinced that Bible software is all that helpful most of the time. It's a great way to stop using your original languages and, for that matter, you brain. I agree with Con on this:

The risk of using software is that you can short-cut the learning process, just as you will with an interlinear (see my second post). You need to struggle to remember words and grammar, rather than just get a quick answer (By the way, this need only apply to your 'Greek reading time', not every time you use the software). So, if you're disciplined, go ahead and use the software for your Greek reading. But if you can't be trusted not to cheat, then close your laptop, and get out a paper Greek New Testament. If you can find one.

A problem with software is that it doesn't tell you which words you should already know. You think you don't know a word, so you get the quick answer, then think, 'oh yeah, I knew that'. A vocabulary tool like Sakae Kubo's book is better in this regard, but I'll address vocab revision/learning in a future post.

Anyway, it's nice to hear some of the criticisms of Logos voiced here:

a business model which charges often-ridiculous prices for public domain books, and book sets which contain an inordinate amount of chaff, I have consistently found the intricacies of the software off-putting. Logos has never been easy to use. It's complex, counter-intuitive, challenging software. Consequently, I seldom use Logos for anything but simple Bible searches.

Glad I'm not the only one who hates on Logos.