Ridiculous Generosity

We're like on the other side of the world.  

We've just spent the last 26 hours travelling to Seattle, Washington in the US and the biggest thing I've been thinking about hasnt been "I'm never doing this again" or "Eeek, hows this going to work"....I just keep on getting struck by peoples ridiculous generosity to us.

Firstly, God has given us this cool opportunity to sit in on something huge, to meet pastors from around the world and to learn from people we respect face to face.  God has given us the means to do this and the heart.  That is totally ridiculous, I dont really know why he picks us for the crazy stuff, but I love it.

Secondly, our christian friends and brothers and sisters have shown us ridiculous generosity in giving us the money to do this.  Its meant so much to us that you're all behind us in our goal of bringing the gospel to Hobart, training pastors and planting churches.  The incredible sacrifice in giving us your money and prayers to do something like this keeps blowing us out heaps.

Thirdly, our brothers and sisters that we've recently met on the phone or online or face to face - the ridiculous generosity of wanting to hook up with us and talk big, to work together with us for the gospel in Australia.  This shows me so powerfully that God is the Lord of all the earth and he is at work everywhere.

Fourthly, our little children have been ridiculously awesome through the adventure so far.  They've been patient and kind and polite and fun and refreshing to us. They've made new friends in airport lounges, looked after eachother, traipsed around everywhere, carried bags, forgiven me for losing nounours (Xavi's special teddy) and taken away from their home and friends to do something big and weird.  They're so exhausted but are still happy!

I hope that makes sense, I've had like 3 hours sleep in the last few days.  Love to you all.