Mirrors 3rd February 2017

  1. Francis Chan rant: be willing to model gospel mission to your family, not merely bunker down in a gated community. 
  2. Australian Stories: On resting in and wrestling with the paradox of modern Australia on Australia Day as a Christian.
  3. Funny video about how altruism can be a power play. So gross. But so true in work (and ministry) patronage.
  4. Listen to these 3 old John Woodhouse sermons on Ezekiel & have your mind blown (search ‘Ezekiel’ from drop down).
  5. Ooh! The ranty ‘Why Bishops are Deacons’ Phillip Jensen lectures now up on Proc Trust. #mustlisten Scroll down to 1988 EMA.
  6. Stern critique of James KA Smith’s ‘You Are What You Love’ by @PeterWoodcock58  and Tom Sweatman. What do you think? 
  7. Ten simple steps to writing a book.
  8. Helpful NDIS infographic article on difference between reporting on outputs/activities and reporting on outcomes

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