Mirrors 15th January 2017

  1. Season 4 of the StartUp is especially amazing: it explore the rise and fall (and plan to rise again) of possibly psychopathic entrepreneur Dov Charney, founder of American apparel. Amazing study of power... and how someone can do great good in one area (worker's and immigrant's rights) while do heaps of bad in other areas (sexual harrassment).
  2. So weird listening to a discussion of some of your formative experiences as recent history. A great discussion of the 'Young Reformed and Restless' movement. My twentysomething staff read this recently to grasp what had happened in our church circles just prior to them getting active in ministry.
  3. What goes around comes around. They've made a movie of The Shack. We're going to have to resurrect all the critiques of that again.
  4. My (Mikey's) year in books, TV, movies and podcasts.
  5. Wow. This made me sad. Extremely sophisticated talk about privilege and feminism... but just seemed naive in the end.
  6. Good stuff from Rory Shiner about church scheduling.
  7. A new movie about a gay right activist who became a pretty far right Christian pastor. Most reports suggest that Gus Van Sant is preserve the integrity and ambiguity of the story: not damning the main character, but just presenting his story.

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