Mirrors 2nd December 2016

I stopped posting these roundups, because I was noticing that I was doing this all on Twitter, feeding to the Christian Reflections Facebook Page.

But I thoughtlessly didn't consider just cutting and pasting my Twitter links into an email once a week.

Well here we go:

  • Rory curates your media consumption @Roryshiner http://ift.tt/2gs3vPP
  • .@managertools in the Wall Street Journal http://ift.tt/2eTcdCi
  • Lol! Every episode of Black Mirror ever http://ift.tt/2eR5VpC
  • This @spaciestribe quiz will tell you what TODO list app is best for your needs. http://ift.tt/2ge4f80
  • Sorry all, but because of an iTunes issue we had to create a new @ufc_utas podcast. Re-subscribe here http://ift.tt/2grXdQ5

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