Uni culture bullet points from our student president Michael Laws

We have a student executive committee meeting for the Uni Fellowship of Christians once a quarter. The student president's report covers topics like 'Summary of Activities', 'Relationship with students, staff, leaders, TUU, UTAS'.

But there is also a section: 'observations about uni culture'. This meeting, our student president gave quite a detailed list, which is both funny, and also really helpful:

Blog News

  • James Wheller started a blog - http://ift.tt/1HPKxWK
  • Alice Wanders recently posted on being human - http://ift.tt/1LBEoCc
  • Mikey recently wrote on the length of blog posts - http://ift.tt/1HPKxWM
  • The Three Views On podcast is still going strong - http://ift.tt/1LBEoCe


  • First indigenous exchange students have arrived from Northern Arizona
  • Seth Sentry – Strange New Past at the Uni Bar on August 8
  • Inter College Cocktail this Saturday – please be praying for safety
  • Scav Hunt happening now and into early august
  • Fossil Free Uni – Divestment Day August 14

Top 5 Songs This Week 

Like I'm Gonna Lose You, Meghan Trainor Feat. John Legend 

Main themes: Love and The concept of limited time

Can't Feel My Face, The Weeknd 

Main themes: Bad addictive relationships?? Very repetitive, dance type track (I wouldn’t recommend)

Are You With Me (Original Mix), Lost Frequencies

Main themes: Not Sure, again very repetitive, but a much nicer sound

Headlights, Robin Schulz Feat. Ilsey

Main themes: Not getting distracted by pretty, but pointless things. Definitely Christian blog potential

Peanut Butter Jelly, Galantis

Main themes: Not sure (Maybe sex), Most repetitive of the bunch, cool “rewind” sounds

In Fashion

70’s style is back, along with a real push for layering over the winter months. So expect flared jeans, 

repurposed civil war jackets, fringing, and mustard and burgundy tones. Also, I appears that double denim is 

now acceptable again. Despite strong efforts on my part, ugg boots as casual outwear hasn’t taken off yet.

Design News

Amy Rolfe recently posted on twitter that Adobe Calson Pro was a nice font. I agree, but think it’s more of a 

printed book font than a poster font. This whole paragraph is in the font for your convenience.

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