Guest blogger: the importance and approach of Friday Night FOCUS

Thanks to my colleague and friend Luke for writing some articles for Christian Reflections. Luke will be talking about his ministry at FOCUS UTAS:
Don't do cold contact evangelism
When we contact the students on campus we don’t seek to evangelise. Im not convinced it would work with our students. They’re always busy going somewhere (never sitting around). Their English is not strong enough for the conversation.  It would be unhelpfully uncomfortable and confrontational (they’ll feel pressured to listen to you- showing respect- but not to really listen to you).
Friday Night FOCUS
Now because we try to get as many as possible to our meeting this means:
The meeting needs to be excellent; better run than most of the events they’ve been a part of; better advertising; better public speaking; really good music. And so a pleasure to be a part of and well worth returning for. We want the only thing that offends to be our Gospel:

  • We have lots of ‘hooks’ to bring them in and keep them with us, both physically (we have had students leave halfway through our meeting) and mentally (keeping them interested/ engaged, awake).
  • of course this is the fun, food and friendship (and hopefully teach from the Bible too) but also… 
  • We make sure students know whats happening, upon arrival, over the evening and that its exciting and worth staying around for. 
  • We want locals there each week; it looks good, they can practice their English.
  • We want Aunties and Uncles there each week; as above only these people are the same people there each week, with grey hair and making the place look a lot more ‘family’ a family away from family.
  • We do lots of different ‘bits’. the meeting is bitsy; the sermon is quite bitsy;… think sesame street.
Follow Up
At this meeting, we then work hard to their details and email them. We invite them to take the next step; join a small group or one to one.

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