EV Church hosting an event on 5Ms and team pastoring

Wanted to find out more about how they actually do things at EV Church on the Central Coast of NSW? Want to think more about the '5 Ms' model of structuring church? Want to have a time to brainstorm these issues with a bunch of other pastors?

EV is hosting an event called 'Team Pastoring' on Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd May that might be just the thing for you!

The program includes:

  • Andrew Heard & the EV Team: The vision for multiplying disciples. How to structure for growth – strategy & implementation.  
  • Dan Godden – Salt Church, Wollongong: Launching a new church with purposes in place – making it work from the beginning & a small church context.
  • Greg Lee – Hunter Bible Church, Newcastle: Making the Change – transitioning your church to the team pastoring structure.
  • Andrew Heard: Pushing through growth barriers – Up to 500 & beyond.

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