Quick daily staff meetings

I'm going to be doing this with my staff from now until after O Week. We've got the office to set up, databases to clean up and the start of the year to prepare for.

I've never done this before. But I reckon brief, 1/2 hour touch-base, re-focus, answer-any-questions staff meetings will be really rewarding.

I think I may have them up my sleeve as something to use at particular seasons. Anyone else testify to their value?


RodeoClown said...

Make it shorter - 5 mins or so.
And have everyone stand up.

It will force you to concentrate on the important stuff, give everyone an overview of what everyone else has planned for the day and leaves the stuff that doesn't impact everyone till afterwards (meaning people who don't care/aren't involved won't be wasting their time).

Mikey Lynch said...

Great ideal. I'm building a new staff team, so I think every meeting is a bit of learning/training... I'll stick with half an hour for now and whittle down!

Izaac said...

RodeoClown is suggesting using the first meeting type from 'Death by Meeting' which I think you said once you hadn't read.

The big idea is don't try and do too much. If you're going to be looking at the same items each meeting, keep them in the same order and set a time for each. If you need longer to sort throgh an item then it's the wrong type of meeting. Office set/up will probably be a two minute quick update on where you're up to. However cleaning up a database will use more time.

To make best use of time, if possible give people notice on what will be discussed. Which could be as simple as giving someone notice the day before that tomorrow they will be given 5 minutes to present on O-Week prep.

Just some ideas.

Mikey Lynch said...

Great hints, Izaac.

fional said...

It's the West Wing and you're CJ! You're Leo when you're at Crossroads though. I'm sure you can manage both.

fional said...

Point of clarification: I'm talking about season six when CJ is Chief of Staff and Leo's. y'know. Advisor and Institutional Memory Guy.

Mikey Lynch said...

That means I have a heart attack? And get offered compromising jobs on the boards of Big Oil?

jml said...

I agree with RodeoClown. We limit ours to 15 minutes.

Find stuff that's repeated and get rid of it if at all possible.

Sometimes the meetings will turn into "figure stuff out" meetings or "truth through debate" meetings. Identify such things early.

Always start on time, always finish on time. Laptops closed. Phones off. Email people who aren't there.

There's no substitute for hour-long weekly one-on-ones with team members.

Have fun :)

Mikey Lynch said...

Great advice, jml. It is important to keep clean lines, isn't it?

We'll aim to end up there... for now, I think I need to allow a bit more bleed out, and I think we can afford that.

Chris said...

My one thing about meetings: don't have them unless you absolutely have to. Chances are most of the time you will have to, and that's fine, but having meetings just because you have them every day is morale-sapping.