Introducing Crossroads House

Dan explains more about his vision for Crossroads House in the Crossroads supporters@ monthly email, for our supporters around the world:

Feb Edition
Dear Crossroads Supporters,

This month I want our supporters news to focus on our newest service: Crossroads House (HSE).

  • HSE has been meeting in people's homes for almost 1 year now. After some coffee and chatting, we always have a time of prayer, bible reading, a children's talk and some community life news.
  • Just recently we have moved toward a more interactive style of Bible teaching: perhaps a sermon with discussion points interspersed, or a Bible study with sermonettes to begin and end.
  • Children's ministry is something we long to do well. Our philosophy is that the parents are the primary teachers of the children and we, the church, add important and vital support. The next few months will a crucial time for us as we sit down to plan and develop this ministry.
  • Alongside children's ministry we also face Q's/issues of legitimacy (is this real church?), logistics (venue, times?) and links (how do we fit into Crossroads?).

If you moved to Hobart why would you join us at this church?

  • We think it provides an excellent environment for extended families (mum, dad, sisters, cousins, married, single) to grow together in their faith.
  • We know that it allows you to 'hop in the deep-end' much quicker; both relationally and spiritually. This applies to both believers and unbelievers.

Thanks again for the various ways you contribute and support us from afar.

In Christ,