Went to Mars Hill yesterday Part II

Some random reflections about Mars Hill:
1. The music is terrific. Really rockin'. But... they don't sing very loud. Hmmm. Also, I find it hard to sing that 'Greater Things' song. It feels too vague, and too positive thinking. But the music was terrific.

2. The service was very simple. Couple of songs. A preach. The Lord's supper was served in the isles during a couple more songs. Done. Only about two announcements and two prayers. I liked it that the majority of the service was after the sermon - so that it's all in response to the word preached.

3. The different campuses do have different vibes. Downtown is more grungy and the music was more emo. But lots of other little things, too, give them different character.

4. The majority of other delegates at this conference are charismatics, many from Vineyard or Newfrontiers churches in the UK. Trippin.

5. I find the video preaching thing weird. If I were a campus pastor, I'd wanna preach more. I see one of the primary ways of leading is through preaching and teaching. The video preaching feels a little yuck to me.

6. A lot of their staff are only 30. They look about 16. It's pretty funny.

7. The coffee was awful.